Post Malone Fake Tattoos

Post Malone Fake Tattoos

If you know anything about pop culture, it’s no secret American singer, rapper, songwriter and record producer, Post Malone sports quite a few eclectic face tattoos. Due to his unique style and world-famous hits, Post Malone has received a lot of attention in recent years.




Post Malone’s most iconic face tattoos include the words “Stay Away” across his forehead, “Always Tried” under both eyes, and a sword on the right side of his face. This new and diverse trend has become incredibly popular across the world. While you may not be as gutsy as Post Malone to tattoo a permanent phrase across your forehead, you can still achieve this look with Prinker. 





Want to feel just like a rockstar? Well if you do, then you’re in the right place. With Prinker you can achieve that Post Malone face tattoo rockstar look, minus the permanent ink. Using cutting-edge technology Prinker allows you to customise temporary tattoos to generate any kind of face art you want. It’s simple and easy to use. Just create your unique design or browse Post Malone temporary tattoos available on the app. Once you’ve picked the perfect temp tattoo, use Prinker to apply it to your face in just 3 seconds! 

Worried about rashes and reactions? Prinker ink uses certified, cosmetic grade ink which is 100% safe for your face and skin, so there’s no need to worry about rashes or irritation. These instant Post Malone temporary tattoos can last up to 3 days without smudging or rubbing off.





From celebrity fake tattoos to summer temporary tattoos, Prinker can help you replicate any look with the touch of a button. All our tattoos are waterproof which means even if you plan to hit the beach or swim in your pool, they will still last just as long. Whether you are looking for a statement temporary fake Post Malone tattoo or something more subdued; with our gallery of thousands of tattoo styles, finding the perfect look is a piece of cake.