Temporary Tattoo Ideas For Women: From Classic To Unique Designs

Let’s face it, women, tattoos are sexy. It doesn’t matter what your aesthetic sense is- cute, modern or cool punk, tattoos take your outfit to the next level. Whether you’re getting a unique tattoo personally meaningful to you or just because you like the way it looks, all reasons are valid as long as it makes you feel good. 


All tattoo designs mentioned in this article are available for download & print in our Prinker Content Platform. If you’re looking for inspiration for a tattoo, scroll further for some tattoo ideas for women!

First, let’s take a look at classic designs you must have come across on the internet these past few years. The classic infinity tattoo was popular as a meaningful tattoo for women as a symbol of endless possibilities. 


Temporary Women Tattoo_6
Design by Eric

The feather tattoo was also a symbol of femininity and freedom especially when paired with a flock of birds. 


Temporary Women Tattoo_13
Design by PrinkerAz

Who could forget the iconic arrow? To mimic an actual shooting arrow, this popular design is often placed on the edge of the wrist or forearm, symbolizing the achievement of goals and determination. 


Temporary Women Tattoo_Arrow_1
Design by Pixabay

Wanderlust is a common theme among dreamers, explorers and adventurers, many women often get meaningful tattoos of dream catchers and compasses to mark their journey of soul-searching. These tattoos are recommended for the ankle, thigh and inner arm!


Temporary Women Tattoo_11
Design by abbiesting
Temporary Women Tattoo_10
Design by pixabay


Or are you looking for something a little more artistic? There are many cool tattoos for women designed by talented artists in our Content Platform. Perhaps line art will suit you! Line art makes for beautiful small tattoos perfect for areas such as behind the ear, the wrist or ankles

Line art can range from minimalist designs like this… 

Temporary Women Tattoo_Cat_9
Small cat tattoo design by Prinker Korea
Temporary Women Tattoo_Whale_4
Simple whale design by Prinker Korea

...to more exquisite flower designs like these! You’ll find that they are best suited for either the collarbone or the chest area:


Temporary Women Tattoo_Flower_3
Design by Pixabay
Temporary Women Tattoo_8
Design by Graffyca
Temporary Women Tattoo_Flower_12
Design by Prinker Korea

We also recommend taking a look at our Mini tattoo design collection- treat them like jewellery, they’ll definitely bring a different aura to your aesthetic. Small tattoos can be cute on the fingers, wrists or behind the ear. It’s dainty, feminine and absolutely adorable!

Love animals? Get a panda!


Temporary Women Tattoo_Panda_5
Design by Prinker Korea

This butterfly mini tattoo symbolizes positive changes, as well as impermanence in one’s life.


Temporary Women Tattoo_Butterfly_2
Design by katy

Mandalas make for very good simple finger tattoos, you can even get one on every finger if you like. It adds another dimension to your style and fits in well with silver rings! 


Temporary Women Tattoo_7
Design by VOCO

In the end, it’s all about having fun with your imagination. You probably won’t be able to decide on just one tattoo design, but that’s alright too! That’s what experimentation with temporary tattoos is all about- the more, the merrier. 

One Prinker’s Temporary Tattoo Printing Device cartridge can print up to 1000 tattoos, you can even sport a new design every single day if you want to. Our water-resistant temporary tattoos last up to 3 days and the cosmetic-grade ink is FDA VCRP and EU CPNP-registered- so print away to your heart’s content!

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