Aesthetic Wave Tattoo Ideas

Wave tattoos are symbols of power, depth and adventure. They are one of the most powerful natural forces on earth! The thrill-seekers of this world often seek to explore the ocean for its mysteries, and waves no doubt represent the ups and downs of life. Even if you aren’t a surfing or sailing enthusiast, wave tattoos can still hold a deeply personal meaning to everyone. Some people get a wave tattoo after overcoming a huge obstacle, others because they need a grounding reminder to life, or simply because waves are gorgeous forces of nature.

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A simple wave tattoo can go a long way. They are often small, placed at the arm or wrist depending on their size. If ‘still waters run deep’ is your personal motto, consider getting a minimalistic wave tattoo!


Temporary Wave Tattoo_2
Design by Prinker Korea

One of the most popular wave tattoo designs is the Japanese wave tattoo, also known as The Great Wave Off Kanagawa! This famous piece of Japanese art by Japanese artist Hokusai depicts a giant wave as if it were an enormous beast, symbolising the irresistible force of nature and the weakness of human beings. This is an absolutely stunning design that is available in several styles, depending on your preference. 


Temporary Wave Tattoo_3
Design by Prinker Korea
Temporary Wave Tattoo_7
Design by Prinker Korea
Temporary Wave Tattoo_1
Design by Prinker Korea

Sun and wave tattoos add one more element to the design, suitable for beach goers and people who love to admire the sun over the sea! 


Temporary Wave Tattoo_6
Design by Prinker Korea

Enthusiasts of a more old-school illustration art style might prefer this vibrant design. 


 Temporary Wave Tattoo_4
Design by Prinker Korea

Looking for a more monochromatic, masculine style? Check out this tribal wave tattoo design.


Temporary Wave Tattoo_8
Design by Prinker Korea

Finally, if you’re into abstract watercolour tattoo designs that have been all the rage on the Internet, this is it! This blue smear is gorgeous and vibrant, perfect for the inner arm and forearm. 


Temporary Wave Tattoo_5
Design by PrinkerSmr

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Prinker Temporary Tattoo Printing Device’s cosmetic-grade ink is FDA VCRP and EU CPNP-registered. It’s non-toxic and cruelty-free - so the kids don’t have to miss out on the fun of having a temporary tattoo. Wave tattoo designs would be perfect for an ocean-themed birthday party! 

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