Welcoming 2021, The Year of the White Ox!

Welcoming 2021, The Year of the White Ox!

Prinker sincerely wishes you a very HAPPY PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!
2021 is the year of the "White Ox" which is said to possess sacred energy.
Prinker believes that 2021 will be a year packed with auspicious events like what this white ox represents.

A unique homestay New Year kick-off

Celebrate in style with Prinker

New Year is celebrated every year according to the different cultures, but we all greeted 2021 in a tranquil mood. People still found their own special ways to celebrate as social distancing rules got reinforced and offline meets are being restricted. It is known that gatherings through online video apps are gaining popularity.
For what could have been a lonely homestaying New Year, guess what was the essential item for these homestayers to enjoy a fulfilling and meaningful time with their precious families and friends?
Yes! Prinker!

Three, Two, One~ HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Every week Prinker uploads tattoo designs of very diverse themes onto our app. Recent New Year kick-off designs received a lot of support from so many of you!
Try it out now!

Prink your New Year resolution!

What's your New Year's resolution?

Hurray! 2021 is here!
Many of us tend to set New Year's resolutions. What's yours?
How about showcasing your New Year's resolution and goal with Prinker, on a place that is most visible to help you remember every day?
New Year! New Resolution! New Start-off!
May you achieve all your goals set in 2021!

Get Fit! Get Organized!