What if The Simpsons had a Prinker Tattoo Printer?. – Prinker

What if The Simpsons had a Prinker Tattoo Printer?. – Prinker

The Simpsons. It began with a tattoo. 

The Simpsons, the world's longest-running animation series, debuted exactly 30 years ago and it all started with Bart needing to get a tattoo… and its removal! Let’s go back to remind ourselves how the story of America’s beloved eccentric yellow family kicked-off.

The Simpsons are preparing for the holiday season. Bart and Lisa write letters to Santa. Lisa wishes to get a cute pony and mischievous Burt wants to get… a cool tattoo. Marge isn’t impressed with her kids’ gift choices. But she is clearly against Bart getting a tattoo. If it comes to Homer, it seems he is cool with some inkingas long he doesn’t have to pay for it.

The next day, Marge brings kids to a mall for some Christmas shopping while Home heads off to work, only to learn that there will be no Christmas bonuses. Fortunately, Homer and Marge have spent the whole year saving money for Christmas gifts so, they can still enjoy the holiday season! Meanwhile, at the mall, Bart has wandered off on his own and finds The Happy Sailor tattoo parlor and decides to get… one mother tattoo. What a filial son!

Prinker celebrates Simpsons tattoo

When Bart is getting the tattoo, it takes seven minutes, but real-life heart tattoos take at least four hours to be done. But with Prinker it takes only… 3 seconds and no pain is involved! Suddenly, when Bart is in the middle of getting a tattoo, a terrified Marge yanks him out of the tattoo parlor.

She drags him into a next-door tattoo removal clinic (how convenient!) which only accepts cash! She stares longingly at the big jar with savings, thinks "Well, thank God for Homer's Christmas bonus..." and doctor proceeds with a painful (and expensive!) removal procedure.

When Marge comes back home with kids and informs Homer what’s happened, the head of family is devastated. Christmas is cancelled!

If only Bart had got a Prinker temporary tattoo device, he would’ve got hundreds cool tattoos without pain, scarring his mother and cancelling Christmas!

OUR TIP: Do not regret. Save money (and your Christmas!). Get your Prinker!