Consumable Set

What is Ink Cartridge Set?

Prinker uses color subtraction technology to achieve full-color designs. That’s why, Prinker device needs one set of Prinker Cartridges (Left Ink Cartridge and Right Ink Cartridge). 

Set of Prinker Cartridges has enough ink to printout app. 1000 tattoos. Depending on size, density, complexity of image, this number can vary.

You can monitor the levels of ink in Prinker App.


What is Skin Primer?

Skin Primer works similarly to a cosmetic primer. It helps to fix ink and enhances the longevity of tattoo. 
Before applying tattoo by Prinker device, spray (app. 30 cm distance) Skin Primer on place where you want get a tattoo. To fix applied tattoo you can also spray Skin Primer after ink dries.


Prinker Skin Primer and Prinker Ink Cartridges are compliant with EU directive EC 1223/2009 and registered on CPNP.