How does Prinker Pro work?

How does Prinker Pro work?

Prinker is a comprehensive temporary tattoo solution that includes Prinker Content Platform (, Prinker App and Prinker device.

To get Prinker tattoo, select image you want to apply in the Prinker App and send it to the Prinker device. Rub device on skin and voila!

If you want to upload your designs or organize designs into lists, visit Prinker Content Platform ( Lists and designs you create will be visible in Prinker App. Function is available for users with Tenderfoot or Showcase subscription. Learn more about subscription. 

What is Prinker App?

Prinker App gives you access to hundreds of ready-to-use designs made by professional artists, your designs and lists. You can also sketch and doodle your designs in Prinker App. Prinker App pairs and connects by Bluetooth with your Prinker device. Making it possible to select, send and apply Prinker tattoos. 

Prinker App for Android supports mobile devices and tablets with following specifications:
- Android Marshmallow or higher
- 2 GB RAM memory

Prinker Pro is compatible only with Android devices.

What is Prinker Content Platform?

Prinker Content Platform (available at is a dedicated platform with hundreds of designs created by professionals, artists and users. If you have a paid membership (Tenderfoot or Showcase) you can upload your own designs, create and manage design lists. Learn more about subscription.


Can I use my designs, logos, images?

Yes, if you have a paid memberships (Tenderfoor or Showcase) you can upload your designs by Prinker Content Platform ( Designs which you upload can be private (only you can see and use them) or public (other users can see and use them). Paid members can also sketch their designs in Prinker App. Learn more about subscription.