Changes to B-Back Membership Plan

We hope you have been enjoying your Prinker Membership.

To better accommodate the needs of growing Prinker users, we are adjusting the features covered by a free B-Back plan.

Starting from March 1st, 2020, all B-Back users will have a limited access to Create feature. B-Back users will be able to upload up to 20 designs per calendar month and have access to sketching in Prinker App.

How these change may affect you:

  • If you are a current monthly paid user (Tenderfoot or Showcase)
    You can keep your current monthly plan and pricing. If you do not wish to continue your paid membership, as always you can cancel any time at your account page at and use features covered by free B-Back plan. 
  • If you are a current free user (B-Back)
    You can remain a free user and have access to a limited image Create If you want to enjoy unlimited uploads and other cool features such as Lists, Offline Lists, concurrent users etc., as always you can subscribe any time at your account page at

Here is an overview of current Prinker Membership plans:

March 1, 2020