Prinker S vs. Prinker Pro

What's the difference between Prinker S and Prinker Pro?

Prinker S is a new generation of Prinker temporary tattoo devices. In comparison to Prinker Pro, Prinker is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Prinker App for Prinker temporary tattoo device is available on Google paly store

Prinker S uses upgraded hardware with improved optical sensors to help you to get Prinker tattoos on difficult and curvy body parts.

Prinker S custom instant temporary tattoo mobile printer party tattoo festival tattoo made by professional tattooist

Additionally, a new docking station system makes charging faster and significantly extends battery use time. Prinker S comes with new technology enhancing the printing resolution, so you can get even more detailed images on your skin!

Model covered with prinker temporary instant custom tattoos perfect for party music festival beach

Additionally, new docking station system makes charging faster and extends battery use time. At first sight, Prinker S may seem a little larger but actually it's slimmer and lighter than the previous Prinker Pro.

And last but not least… Prinker S is cheaper than Prinker Pro!

Note: Prinker S comes with one Black Ink Cartridge that’s enough for about 1000 tattoos. Black Ink cartridge allows you to apply images in black and grayscale. If you're a fan of colorful designs, we recommend to get a Consumable Set Color Ink pack.