Check out the series of tutorial videos that will in easy way help you to set up and apply your first Prinker temporary tattoos.

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How do I apply a temporary tattoo?

To get Prinker tattoo, first prepare your skin using Skin Primer. Next select image you want to apply in the Prinker App and send it to the Prinker device. Press the Prink button and roll device over your skin following arrows on device display.

How do I remove a temporary tattoo?

If you want to remove tattoo you can use good-old soap or any make-up remover.

Why there is a yellow shade/line behind some of my designs?

If you use Color Ink Cartridges, you can sometimes notice the yellow shadow behind some of your designs. Prinker uses color subtraction principles to print in full color. In other words, colors are made by mixing basic colors such as red, blue and yellow. If you see a yellow shadow behind some of your designs, it means that you have to practice a little bit more on how to steadily apply tattoos using proper speed.

How fast should I rub Prinker device?

Moving speed should be steady - not too fast and not to slow. Make sure not to move Prinker device back and forth while rubbing device on skin. Make sure to check out our video manuals to get better grasp how to operate your Prinker device. Make sure that you move device in swift, steady manner and do not press it over skin.

Why my tattoo doesn't look like yours?

Fear of pain was one the reasons why Prinker temporary tattoo was born. There are no needles in Prinker device. The only thing you can feel are rollers gently moving over your skin.

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