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Thinking about getting a tattoo but worried about the pain and making a life-long decision? Prinker is your perfect solution! It is the world's first mobile digital temporary tattoo device that makes it easy to create and apply water-resistant but soap-washable custom temporary tattoos.

Prinker S comes in two packages for you to choose from. Prinker S (with Black Ink) allows you to enjoy tattoos in rich black while the Prinker S (with Black and Color Ink) comes with both black and color ink cartridges so that you can enjoy your designs in both vivid color and rich black! No staining or irritation. Fast, simple and fun way to apply tattoos.


We ship within 2-3 working days upon confirmation of your order. All orders are shipped using either DHL Express or FedEx. Depending on situation deemed fit by Prinker Korea Inc., the shipping provider might be changed without prior notice.

Some external factors can have an impact on that delay, for example customs, over which we have absolutely no control.


IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any taxes, custom fees or duties. Any customs or import taxes and duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel.


Sync your smartphone to Prinker App and choose from +11,000 of available designs or create your own tattoo from scratch.


Send the design you want to ink to your Prinker device. Remember to prime the skin using cosmetic Skin Primer.


Roll the Prinker device on your body to bring your instant tattoo to life.

Prinker S with Black Ink
Prinker S with Black and Color Ink
What are the differences between Prinker S (with Black Ink) and Prinker S (with Black and Color Ink)?

Prinker S (with Black Ink) comes with black ink cartridge only, which enables users to print designs in rich black. On the other hand, Prinker S (with Black and Color Ink) comes with both black and color ink cartridges thus allowing printing in both rich black and vivid colors. Each cartridge(s) is capable of producing a minimum of 1,000 prints.

What are the differences between Prinker S and Prinker M?

Do Prinker Inks have FDA approval?

Under the law, cosmetic products and ingredients do not need FDA pre-market approval. For better transparency our products are registered with FDA's VCRP.

How many tattoo can I get with Prinker Black Ink cartridge?

Each ink cartridge has enough ink for about 1000 tattoos. Depending on size, density, complexity of image, this number can vary.

How to use Skin Primer?

Primer helps to set ink on skin evenly and extends your tattoo longevity. Spray Skin Primer on place where you want to get a tattoo (abut 1 ft. distance). For a long-lasting effect, wait until ink dries an spray Primer again.

WARNING: For external use only. Do not use on damaged, irritated or sensitive skin. Avoid contact with eyes, mouth and mucous membrane.

How to apply tattoos in color?

Black Ink cartridge can apply tattoos only in black and grayscale. To apply tattoos in color you need to purchase Consumable Set Color Ink.