Easily Apply Custom Temporary Tattoos

Bring your own design ideas to life. The Prinker range of devices lets people apply custom temporary tattoos to any part of their body in any color, anywhere. Our products are portable and easy to use so you can print all types of designs in a matter of seconds. You’ll love showing off your custom temporary tattoos with Prinker.  

Prinker technology will impress kids to adults and everyone in between. Delight friends with wacky custom temporary tattoos or show off your brand at popular events and social gatherings. Our devices are safe for young ones and will encourage newfound creativity. Avoid the stress and pain of getting a permanent tattoo and instead wear something totally different every day. Order online and join the self expression movement.


Browse online today to view the entire range of Prinker products. Our devices are specifically built to let you apply custom temporary tattoos while on the go and can work will all types of designs, regardless of how complicated or colorful they may be. Visit our FAQ Section if you have any further questions or get in touch with our friendly and professional team to find out more.