Prinker S w/ Black Ink

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      PERSONALIZED TATTOOS: Get creative and design your own black work tattoos. Choose from over +5000 unique designs on mobile app. Old school, cartoon characters, geometric shapes and beyond, if you want a tattoo to truly pop, Prinker is the way to go.

      FOR ANY OCCASION: For all ages, including children and adults. Great for parties, events, festivals, DIY activities, body art, cosplay etc. Amazing marketing and advertising tool that will make your events and parties remarkable and help you stand out.

      EASY, FAST & FUN: Easy to use, simply find your design, rub Prinker device and have fun! Upload any design, logo or slogan you want* and get it on skin in only 3 seconds! Get creative and have fun with friends and family.

      100% SKIN-SAFE: FDA compliant cosmetic ink. Waterproof, last 1-3 days, soap-washable. Prinker S uses Black Left Ink Cartridge with enough ink to apply about 1000 tattoos. Skin Primer's unique cosmetic formula helps to fix ink and enhances the longevity of your tattoos.

      PRINKER S INCLUDES: 1 Prinker device; 1 battery; 1 Black Left Ink Cartridge, 10.1 oz of Skin Primer (enough for app. 1000 tattoos).

      Prinker S comes with Black Ink Cartridge that allows you to apply only tattoos in grayscale. To apply color tattoos, get Color Ink Consumable Set.

      Compatible with Black Ink and Color Ink Cartridges.

      *To use Prinker you must have a Prinker account. Some functions may require additional fees. Geographical restrictions may apply. For more info check FAQ.

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Prinker S Black

The Beginning of a New Experience

Prinker S is compatible with Color Ink and Black Ink Cartridges.

Quick and Easy Tattoos

Apply any design you want directly to skin in just few seconds.

Water Resistant… but Soap Washable

Prinker Solution uses ink made from cosmetic ingredients.

Prinker tattoos are water-resistant and soap washable.

*Enough ink for about 1000 tattoos

Unlimited Options

Whatever your style is, there's a design for you.

Choose from a rich library of pre-made artworks made just for you.

To discover Prinker designs visit Prinker App or Prinker Content Platform (

Personalized Tattoos

Rediscover your creativity with Prinker temporary tattoos.

Upload or sketch your own Prinker tattoo and get it on your skin.

To upload your artwork go to Prinker Content Platform or use Prinker App to sketch.